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Oct 012012

Highlighted guild

  • The Thirteenth Legion – Galactic Republic

Each week I get the opportunity to meet and interview guilds and other members of this community. It is amazing to see the amount of time, effort and dedication these people put into adding enjoyment to a game. However that is what people are willing to do when they find something they love to do and truly enjoy. This week’s Community Checkpoint puts the spotlight on a guild that demonstrates those attributes. The Thirteenth Legion is also a part of another community, that of the role-playing community. Their RP backstory for their guild, is what first got my attention…it deals with Star Wars and history, what’s not to love. This guild was gracious with their time to entertain my questions and share their enjoyment for this game and RP.

Time to get “into character” with the Thirteenth Legion after the Jump…

Continue reading »

Apr 162012

Highlighted Guild

  • Cabal – Galactic Republic guild

Is it the destination or the journey that is the best part of a trip, game etc.? In this day and age of need it now, it sometimes is hard to relax and enjoy the journey. This week’s guild, Cabal strives to do just that by focusing on having fun and being social. Do they still take down Flashpoints, thrive in Warzones and eliminate bosses in Operations…yes! They just choose to enjoy the journey, even bringing back the nostalgia ideas of pen and paper days of role-playing games.

More about Cabal, as we meet their GM Naira after the Jump…

Continue reading »

Apr 092012

Highlighted Guild

  • V Squad – Galactic Republic guild

Each week I get the opportunity to meet, interview and share a guild with the community. All having their own unique aspect in gameplay and guild structure that they bring to SWTOR. This week is no exception with the guild V Squad. They are a smaller and casual guild, but do not “judge them by their size” or style. V Squad’s organized style to how they approach the game, recruiting, events and their website. We will find out how this helps V Squad to not just excel, but have fun with guildmates while playing SWTOR.

We meet Vincer the GM & find out more about V Squad after the Jump… Continue reading »

Mar 192012

Highlighted Guild

  • Nano – Galactic Republic Guild

Each guild that submits their website and guild information has a unique story, whether it is their name, allies, backstory etc. It is these unique aspects that I love to highlight and share. That is what brings us to this week’s guild, Nano. Many of you out there know what it takes to start and run a guild, especially one that has almost all its members at level 50 doing Operations…Now imagine taking that same guild of high level players and switching servers (with currently no player transfers in-game), to a highly populated one and to top it off switch factions. That is exactly what the guild Nano has done.

More on how Nano successfully switched servers & factions after the Jump… Continue reading »

Feb 202012

Highlighted Guild

  • Nova Squad – Galactic Republic guild

    Nova Squad: Teamwork & Character

This week we take a look at Nova Squad a guild for the Republic. I came across them through Twitter. They had posted a PVP event and so I wanted to check this guild out. What I found was a family friendly guild that loves to have fun. For Nova Squad, this fun comes in many forms, Datacron runs, “Monday Heroes” heroic runs, and much more. After spending some time in their forums and getting to know them, it’s obvious they pride themselves on character; it is a definite strength in this guild. We will find out more about Nova Squad in our Q&A with their guild leader, Hoka.

We get to meet Hoka & learn more about Nova Squad after the Jump… Continue reading »

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