Jan 272012

Each week we will spotlight a member of the SWTOR community and get him or her to answer ten slightly off-the-beaten-path questions. Feel free to answer the questions yourself in the Comments section!

This week we highlight, “Jeffrey” of TOROCast.  We find that Jeffrey’s first game obsession was Tekken and that he loves arguing about Advanced Dungeon & Dragon rules.

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Jan 252012

by Thom

You might have noticed, or not noticed at all, that I did not do a column last week. It is in part to do with the subject of today’s column of course, but most of it was me burying into my exams because university sometimes needs that extra time spent. But what it boils down to, I was burned out on the game. I could not be bothered to play. I played some other games (Hearts of Iron 3, a World War 2 strategy game, and World of Warcraft respectively) instead, while mulling over what was keeping me from the game. Now I am playing again, and I shall tell you the small lessons I have learned over the past week about burnout and The Old Republic, so you might know what to expect if you ever encounter it, or what you might do to counter it.

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Jan 222012

CRR is looking for a few good writers!

Do you have an idea for a weekly column? Would you rather write small articles several times a week? We would love to get a few more people to write for us. Some of the topics or columns could be on PVP, RP, New Player Tips & Tricks, short video casts, etc.  Whatever your creative mind can come up with, as long as it is in relation to Star Wars: The Old Republic, would be welcomed here.

If you’re interested, please send us an email at corellianrun[at]gmail[dot]com complete with a small, edited writing sample and where you feel you could be of help.

Jan 072012


This week we highlight, Tom Powers, of TOR-Talk.com.   We find that Tom had an obsession for Battlefront, survives his hard-core gaming binges on Hot Pockets and has a unique spelling for Corellian Run Radio.


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Jan 042012




Roxanne is back!  She joins Carla & Deirdre as they bring in the new year discussing SWTOR and what they would like to see in the game for 2012.


FACT OR FICTION:  Can you pick out the true fact?   This week’s fact or fiction talks about early access, guild server assignments and official launch date changes.

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