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Nov 082010

Smooth Criminal Haz Orbital Bombardment

Praise the Friday Update gods, they brought us to the Promised Land!  After a dry season of no gameplay information, BioWare said unto its fans, “Have faith and you shall have your fill.”  But the people hardened their hearts and they cried out into cyberspace, the void of which is terrible deep, magnifying the clatter of voices in endless echoes of dissatisfaction.  And lo, just when the night’s gloom was unpierced even by the tiniest spark of hope and most silent, a light blazed across the horizon, and broke the spine of the dark, whining beast.  “Behold,” said BioWare, “We bring you glad tidings of great joy!  We give you the Imperial Agent, the smoothest of all criminals!  We give you PvP and Crafting!  We’ll even let you change that Advanced Class name you hated so much.”

And the beast retreated into its place of lurking and the fans were mollified.  For now.

Fact or Fiction (3:15): Can you pick out the confirmed fact from the tall tales?  This week’s host challenge is an all-Imperial Agent test.

From the Newsnet & Beyond(4:45): Roundup of the most important announcements and news.

  • (5:05) 10/29 Friday Update.  The Imperial Agent.  Part James Bond, part Jason Bourne, the Imperial Agent not only gets the girl, but he gets the best looking ship in the game.  Holonet entry here.  Includes Advanced Classes, companion Kaliyo Djannis, screenshots, starship.  Watch terrific video here.
  • (15:24) Warzones.  BioWare did not disappoint those fans who thought we might get a big reveal at EA Games Winter Showcase in London.  Lead PvP Designer Gabe Amatangelo described the warzone on planet Alderaan and gave hints of other zones to be announced.  Darth Hater coverage here.  Gamespot article and video interview with Amatangelo here.  Official SWTOR warzones video here.
  • (26:02) Crafting.  Crew Skill system.  Gathering, Crafting, Missions.  Your minions will do the dirty work for you both on and offline!  And they will scurry off to pick flowers while you deal with the mob just ahead.  Darth Hater article here.  Gamespot article here.
  • (34:40) Jedi Wizard no more.  BioWare gives the fans a big Do-Over for this much maligned class name.  Check out official poll here.
  • (36:47) Payment models.  Kathy and Carla try to parse out which way Ray Muzyka and Greg Zeschuk are leaning when they talk about possible payment options for TOR in the IGN Game Scoop interview, transcribed by Ask a Jedi here, and the Videogamer.com interview here.
  • (41:23) Supreme Court heard case on restricting sales of violent video games to minors on Nov. 2nd.  See our coverage of the case here.  Roundup includes articles and full transcript of hearing.

Quick Mentions

  • (42:28) Eurogamer.com interviews Ray Muzyka.  Pushback on release date?  Full interview here.
  • (43:03) Zynga, a rising social gaming developer, surpasses EA Games in market share.  Read article here.
  • (43:20) Georg Zoeller dev post confirms that Imperial Agents and Smugglers have equal healing capability here.

Sith or Jedi? (43:40) We find out which path we walk in real life with The Test of the Leaf Blower

Community Buzz (48:57)

  • Outward Corruption Appearance.  Official forums poll examines players’ willingness to go Dark Side and look it.  Take poll here.
  • Concerns about movement animation.  Official forums thread here.
  • OK, but what if we hate the other names too?  Thumbs down on Shadow/Sorceror/Powertech thread here.

Thank You from Corellian Run Radio

  • Mos Eisley Radio, for inviting us to their podcast.  Brooks and Zach, you were great fun to hang with and we were sorry when it was time to stop (way past time, maybe!).
  • Guild Launch for their generous sponsorship.  Check out their guild hosting services here.
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