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Sep 262011

Highlighted Guild

  • Ruthless – Sith Empire Guild

Time for another Guild Checkpoint. This week we are getting an opportunity to not only learn about another guild, but how this game and the Star Wars franchise is loved worldwide. The guild Ruthless represents the Sith Empire and is also a Swedish guild. Let’s meet their acting guild leader “Britney” and learn more about a guild from across the “pond” in our Q&A section and even see one of their recruitment videos…which is very good. The Nav Computer has the coordinates time let’s make the Jump.


More about Ruthless after the Jump…

  • Guild Q&A

This is a treat to have a guild from another country on Guild Checkpoint. Can you tell us who you are and what you do in the guild Ruthless?

Ruthless is a Sith guild, that today has 155 registered members on the official SWTOR site but we have over 299 registered members on our website. Hard to pigeon hole what type of guild we are exactly, if we have to choose to classify us as anything it would be as a social guild. We’re trying to appeal to both hardcore and casual Swedish players alike. We do have both types members right now, and we’re getting along very well so far! We will not strive to become the best guild in terms of PvE or PvP progression (we still want to be up there at least as one of the best guilds in Scandinavia but we are not willing to sacrifice our members enjoyment of the game to achieve it ). We will however strive to be the Swedish guild where people enjoy themselves the most and have the most fun. We’ll do equal amounts of PvE and PvP in SWTOR since we do enjoy both parts. We’re not planning to be a RP-heavy guild and we will not encourage guild members to roleplay if they do not want to. Roleplaying will however be accepted and can definitely add to the overall game experience and we plan to have different guild events in-game that we hope our guild members will enjoy. Our biggest goal will be to have as much fun as possible while playing what we hope to be, an awesome game by an awesome company!

Can you tell us how the guild Ruthless, came to be?

Ruthless was formed by Sviinet a real MMO veteran in June of 2010, he had been looking for a Swedish SWTOR guild or community and he couldn’t find any, so he decided to start a guild one year prior to release (this was back when we still believe the game would come out in spring 2011). He called the guild “Swedish Guild Project” or Swetor for short. He wanted to see if he could create a strong guild with a solid player base and that takes time to build, a guild just formed to play SWTOR couldn’t have the tightness and the close knit bonds that a established guild that have been playing together in another MMO for years rolling over to TOR would have. He wanted to give us that head start, to establish those connection and friendship that becomes a community that lasts. So he started the website and started to advertise and promote the guild and the result was so much bigger than he expected and we grew faster and bigger then he originally expected.

Most of your website is in Swedish, could you tell us more about some of the rules for the guild Ruthless?

We live by four words basically: community, solidarity, friendship and respect.
Basically it is just common curtsy, do unto others and you want them to unto you. But that does not just include how we are to each other in the guild but how we act to everyone in the game, our members represent Ruthless and we expect them to act as ambassadors for the guild as a whole when playing with others. But we are not a strict guild, we joke around a lot and we encourage our members to voice their opinions, and will love discussions so long as they keeps it civil and friendly, don’t make anything personal.

How long has Ruthless been a guild and what other games does the guild play?

The original site launched on the 30th of June so we consider that as our birthday, there are probably other guilds out there that are playing other MMOs that is going to play TOR that are much older then us but we consider us selves as the oldest Swedish “SWTOR guild” out there.
Well, we play a lot of different games in the guild, games such as World of Warcraft, Jedi Academy, Star Wars Battlefront 2, League of Legends, Counter Strike, Red Orchestra 2, Team Fortress 2, Borderlands well the list goes on forever, but that’s the most popular games at the moment. I would say that the top games are Bioware games in general.

What type of server does Ruthless plan on being on for SWTOR and why?

After some debating and a vote, the vast majority wanted to play on a PvP server so we go where our members want us to go. We feel that on a PvP server everyone can get what they want. If someone aren’t very big on PvP and are worried about ganking, it will be ok because they will have a large guild that “got their back.”

Ruthless, like other guilds, has a leadership ladder can you explain this? How will the various leaders help the guild improve and maintain the balance between fun and progression?

We are a democracy, all mayor decisions is decided by vote, such as: “republic or sith“, server type even the guild name was decided by us as a group. Right now we have three ranks within our guild: Officer, Member and Trial. Everyone has an equal vote. The number of officers right now is nine, their job is to listen and feel the pulse of the rest of the guild and then make the smaller decisions, accept and promote new members and run the day to day stuff.

Our founding father Sviinet has run into some personal stuff in real life and has temporally stepped down as guild leader and I (Britney) will be running the guild until Sviinet is ready to return to us and take the reins. The guild is still running just like it did one month ago, six months ago, a year ago, I would say the only difference is that I can approve people on the official forum. If we have one complaint about Bioware’s guild system, it would be that the GM is the only one that has the power to accept new members on the official site.

Right now we are looking to add two hardcore progression leaders that will create and make the rule sets that will apply to the players that want to focus on hardcore raiding. These two jobs are to make sure that part of the guild runs smoothly and efficiently so it can compete with similar focused guilds. Members that want to be part of the “hardcore progression focused division” can then apply to that. We want to give everyone what they want as much as it is possible, and this is a way to satisfy both the casuals and the hardcore crowd. Both type of players is equally as important to us.

Ruthless welcomes the casual and hardcore player, how does the guild help each of these types of guild members as they progress in the game?

The hardcore crowd will act like trailblazers for the rest, they will bring their knowledge and experience back and help the casuals. To be a member of the progression focus players you need to make a new application within the guild. The hardcore crowd will have their own forums but they will be accessible to all our members, so their knowledge can be passed on to the rest of the guild. We will also have guides on our site to help the casuals. If you don’t want to be a hardcore player anymore you can always ask to become a casual member. The majority of our members are today casuals or somewhere in between the two and they are the core of the guild and the reason for our existence. For the casuals we will have daily events like drop-in raids and PvP, there is talks in our guild about really crafting focus organizations within the guild. Whatever type of player you may be PvE:er, PvP:er, Crafter, Alt-oholic or just someone that like to hang out in a game with other people, we have a place for you. The casual players will be the base from where the hardcore players will recruit their players, and the hardcore division will know that their new recruits are”good people” to have around.

How did the name Ruthless become the name of your guild?

We knew we couldn’t call ourselves the Swedish Guild project so we opened it up for everyone that was part of that guild back then to come up with some ideas. There were a lot of suggestion and in the end Ruthless won by a small margin. Like the guild, the name just grew more and more and Ruthless is just who we are now.

Ruthless is a Swedish guild, can you explain to others why you chose to create a Swedish guild?

Sviinet experience from other MMOs lead him to decide to create an all Swedish guild, and the reason for that is that you can relate more to people from people that share the same language as you and you avoid a lot of misunderstandings that can occur when things get lost in translation. This is also one of the reasons why we are very active in trying to establish servers (one PvP and one PvE) with big populations of Scandinavian guilds. We Scandinavians have a lot of things in common and our languages a very similar to each other, it will help to build relationship with other guilds and coordinate events. It is very common in MMOs that different EU servers attract people of the same nationality, so you can almost always find the unofficial Swedish server, Portuguese server, Bulgarian server and so on.

As we have discussed, your guild is a Swedish speaking guild, which language of The Old Republic will you be using?

English no question about that. English is really in all of Scandinavia (Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Norway) our second language and we study it at school at a very early age, it is a core subject and it is as important to learn in school as math.

Can you help us to understand the difficulties there may be when playing a game that is not in your native language?

Games almost never comes with a Swedish language option so we are use to have them in English. Another this is that we don’t dub movies and TV-shows like they do in Germany and some other European countries, we show them in its original language we just add Swedish subtitles, and American shows and movies is as popular as Swedish ones so our understanding of the English language is really good almost everyone can speaks and understand it.

There have been some issues in the European community with testing and also being in a “Red Zone”, and not have local servers at launch, will this impact your guild? How is Ruthless dealing with the staggered launch?

Sweden isn’t in the Red-Zone so it doesn’t affect us, Bioware even have their own Community Coordinator for the Nordic European Countries: Lion Martinez and we have a really good dialog with him. We feel for the people of the SWTOR community that is affected by the staggered launch like Australia, the former Yugoslavia countries and Iceland that is affected by this. We are among the lucky ones that get to enjoy this game at launch and just two days after North America.

There was a month long beta test in Europe in July and a very small amount of our members were lucky enough to test the game for a month. But like everyone else many of us would love to get a chance to test the game, and when Europe finally get into testing we are hoping that we’re lucky enough to get a guild beta invite or that some of our members get any type of beta invite really. Like everyone else we want the game to be out so we can play it and play it together. But until then we have Dreamhack here in Sweden to look forward to and Bioware will be there and so will a lot of our members.

Ruthless, as a guild, seems very close and it is even stated that fun is your goal, how does the guild plan to do this within the game?

Events, we will work to have something that fits everyone’s play styles, to be supportive of each other and help each other to reach whatever goal they have within the game. In an MMO you start playing because of the game but you keep playing because of the players you meet in the game. We have a good website and we will soon launch a new upgraded website that we will have competitions, those competitions can be for things in and outside the game. That website will also have articles, guides and tips everything really that will help you enjoy it just a bit more.

One area that stands out for fun is the real life events, how have these events help to bring your guild closer and does it also add to the goal of fun in Ruthless?

They brings an extra dimension of closeness, you connect a real life person to the voice you hear on Teamspeak, a face to the name you see in game or on the guild forums. You get a better picture of the individual behind it all. Right now we have had five real life events, and they have been everything from bowling and laser tag to a BBQ party and pub crawls. They have been a huge success and we have had people coming from all over Sweden to attend these. In the end of October we will have guild met up number six, we going on a 24 hour cruise to Finland and in November a lot of Ruthless members are going to Dreamhack.

But we don’t force anyone to attend these IRL gatherings but we love it when they do, we have a lot of tools for our members to socialize: Facebook, IRC-chat, guild forums and a Team Speak server.

Having taken on this project of creating a Swedish guild, how do you personally plan to manage being the guild leader and being able to have time to play and enjoy SWTOR?

I have the help of some excellent officer and if we manage to create the community we are aiming for; the guild will more or less run itself. Running a guild is time consuming and I knew that when I accepted to be an officer. I will just have to find the right balance between playing the game and manage the guild. Right now I’m planning and working as much as I can to avoid doing unnecessary work later on. But as I said, I’ve got help from all the officers and the community more or less runs itself already.

If there are some people that are looking for a Swedish guild and want to join Ruthless, how do they go about doing this?

Go to Ruthless.Shivtr.com (Soon to be Ruthless.se) and apply there, don’t apply on the official SWTOR site, we ask you to apply there later and you will get automatically accepted there when we have accepted you on our own guild site. But we welcome everyone to come over to our site, most of our site is open to everyone and we even have a section on the forums for English speaking visitors as well.

Here is a recruitment video from Ruthless. It is really well put together.


Thanks again for giving us this opportunity, means a lot to me and Ruthless!

We want to thank you and of course Carla, Kathy and Roxanne as well for this chance, it means a lot to Ruthless.
Keep doing what you are doing; we are fans of your website and of the podcast.
Hope you had a great weekend, but what TOR fan didn’t, we have a RELEASE DATE!!!


Thanks again to the guild Ruthless, especially “Ebanon” and their guild leader “Britney”, for being on Guild Checkpoint. If you are a European fan that is looking for an organized and close family type of guild, then Ruthless may be just the guild for you.

This was a real great honor for me.  I wanted to start a guild article when I started writing for CRR and give some exposure to smaller guilds and even larger ones that may not be well known. To have a guild from across the Atlantic, write to me and ask to be on our Guild Checkpoint blew me away. This just proves that our community is beyond borders, language, or status, we love this franchise known as Star Wars and prepare to start another chapter in The Old Republic.

If you are a guild looking to be highlighted on Corellian Run Radio, drop me an email at jason@corellianrun.com, or leave a post in our forums at CRR.

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  1. Thank you JT it is really good.

  2. This is so Awesome! Thanks again for this opportunity!

    If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to contact me @ britney@ruthless.se

    Best Regards


  3. Awesome we´re famous!
    Great checkpoint

    //Seyo, unoffical webmaster of Ruthless.se

  4. @Ebanon Thanks it was my pleasure

    @Britney Glad you all like it. I am glad for the opportunity to highlight another great guild!

    I might have to stop by your server to check you all out sometime 🙂
    Best to you all!

  5. Your more the welcome, see you in game then 😀

  6. Good stuff. Being ruthless is awsome!

  7. Hugs from Ruthless :]

  8. Ruthless is one great guild and i enjoy every minute of being a part of it.=)And are also a huge fan of Correlian Run Radio.Keep up the good job.;)

  9. @Unclean You all make being Ruthless sound fun 🙂

    @billyn Thanks 🙂

    @ReynDacen Thanks for the comment and for being a fan of Corellian Run Radio. The SWTOR community is awesome!!

  10. @Seyo You are more than famous, you all are Ruthless 🙂 Thanks for the compliment, but just showing off you all to the world..the thanks all goes to your guild and others like you in the community!

  11. This is awesome!
    Thx alot to you guys for putting Sweden (and Ruthless ofc) on the Swtor map around the world 🙂
    Also thanks to Brittan(Britney) and Ebanon

  12. @Electricum Thanks for comment! The thanks goes to you and your guild! Keep checking out Corellian Run Radio for more SWTOR guilds and news!

  13. Lots of hug to corellianrun 😀

    Or as we say in Gothenburg : Tack så jävla mycket 😀

    Translated: OMFG Thank you 😀

    //MR “know-it-all” Mewphisto 🙂 xo

  14. @Mewphisto Thanks for the comments and glad you liked the article. Best to you and all of Ruthless 🙂

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