Sep 042012


Photo-Receptor Focus on: Guild Events

By Maer

Keeping your guild members interested and engaged when there isn’t a lot of new content can be a very challenging and creative process. We’re always on the lookout for new and interesting ways to have Guild Sponsored Events that will be fun and bring folks in.

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Jul 312012


Photo-Receptor Focus on: Guilds

By Maer

One of the first things that excited me about SWTOR was the ability to search out and join a guild through the game. Sure, I still had to apply to the guild and get accepted, but that’s pretty much a requirement with any good guild. So what’s the attraction to being guilded? And what do I look for in a guild?

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Jan 242012

Deirdre & Carla talk about the upcoming changes headed our way on January 24th in the form of patch 1.1.1, the issues with patch 1.1 on Ilum, and much more.


FACT OR FICTION:  Can you pick out the true fact?   This week’s fact or fiction talks about camping the opposing faction’s base, founder’s title and ability delay issues.


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Nov 072011

Highlighted Guild

  • Echo Seven – Galactic Republic Guild

This week’s Guild Checkpoint we look at the Republic guild Echo Seven. This guild is based in the UK and has been active in many different games over the years. Mike, one of the guild’s members, joins us in the Q&A section. He helps us understand more about this Star Wars: The Old Republic guild.

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Nov 052011

But mostly, this is quite boring to the average SWTOR fan.

We make bets about early game access. We try to avoid talk about the dramacast. We debate movie-watching commitments.

FACT OR FICTION: Can you pick out the confirmed fact from the tall tales? This week’s challenge concerns cover, guild pre-launch, the pre-order offer code.

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