Feb 072013


HoloNet Links #83

In the latest Developer Blog, we found out more about the Galactic Reputation system. We know the different levels from past posts, but they have given more details on the four organizations that reputation can be earned and more how the reputation points will work. Players also know how they can earn reputation. This will happen through various heroics missions, weekly missions, heroic space missions, and also through the new event titled, “Relics of the Gree.” We will take a closer look at more of the details from the Developer post.

Details on Galactic Reputation, fan-fiction & more after the Jump…

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Jan 312013


HoloNet Links #82

BioWare has not released much news since last week, but they did give us another Community Round-Up last Friday. There are plenty of great RP, PVP, Speeder racing and social events coming in the near future. I will also post a few of the events after the Jump. The Community Round-Up had a few other hidden gems in the article, one of which I will highlight in the SWTOR Community News section.

RP tips from Larry Everett, Gunslinging Granny is back & more after the Jump…

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Dec 182012

This week Carla & Deirdre talk all about this week’s 1st Anniversary Celebration moments, Game Update 1.6,  Pay to Win Space Missions?,  Player feedback on the lack of holiday events, and more.

FACT OR FICTION:  Can you pick out the true fact? This week’s fact or fiction is all about this week’s Game Update 1.6.

More Episode #85 and Comments after the jump…

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Sep 062012

HoloNet Links #62

I’m sure many of you have already downloaded the latest update from the September 5th maintenance. However did everyone take time to read the patch notes? There are a few juicy tidbits even on this small patch. One, I know has our very own Carla happy…Legacy names are no longer unique. That means you can have that Legacy name you truly want, even if someone else has it as well. This makes sense since your characters are tied to your account, and you are recognized in game chat by your character’s first name. Although there is a “but” to this story…there is no timeframe for when this will take place.

More HoloNet Links coming “soon” after the Jump…

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Aug 302012

HoloNet Links #61

Yet another month has come and gone. With September right around the corner it means school, cooler temps and falling leaves…well for most of us in the Northern Hemisphere. This is also a special time as the Paralympic Games are going on now. I know there are some going…not again with the gimp talk lol. Well, the thing is if you saw any of the opening ceremonies from the Paralympic Games, none of them consider themselves “gimps” at all. They are highly skilled athletes looking to do their best for their country and trying to win, not just participate. It is all about breaking down barriers and making things more convenient. How does this translate to Star Wars: The Old Republic?

Also the Community Round-Up, Let them Eat “Sith” Cake & more after the Jump…

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