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Aug 222011

Highlighted Guild

  • Infernal Empire – Sith Empire Guild

Another Monday is here and that means it’s time for Guild Checkpoint. This week we get to know another Sith Empire guild. Let’s get to know this guild and their attitude of casual hardcore and reality first gameplay. Their guild leader, Evel on Star Wars: The Old Republic forums, was gracious enough to put up with my Q & A.

More about the Infernal Empire after the Jump…

  • Guild Q & A

How did Infernal Empire come to be and who are the primary officers?

Infernal Empire is a sibling guild to our World of Warcraft branch called Titans Exodus.  I started that guild with my wife back in September ’04 and another real-life friend and it still remains successful to this day under different leadership.  When SW:TOR was announced in ’08 I immediately started inquiring with friends and former guild-mates about the game to see if the interest was there for me to lead a guild and hence Infernal Empire was born.

My core officers (Dark Council) are Zuess, Juggernaut, Tifias and Kraevin.  They are a mixture of online friends that I’ve known between 7 & 9 years respectively and a real-life friend that I’ve known for over 25 years.


Infernal Empire has around 35 members right? Do you plan to stay around that size or does Infernal Empire plan to become a larger guild?

We are currently around 40 members and growing strong since pre-orders were announced at SDCC.  We plan to continue growing only as large as we need to accommodate our play-style which is “casual non-required raiding”.  I do hope to keep the active member base between 50 and 75 though as the former World of Warcraft guild I ran reached over 175 active members at one point which did not suit my style of leading.  I prefer to know each and every member, their character and their strengths and weaknesses in game play.


Your guild also serves as fansite and delivering news to your guild and others concerning the game. Do you plan to continue the fansite post-launch or will it be primarily guild focused?

It will definitely be a mixture of both after release.  I’ve always enjoyed delivering news and having a medium to write my own speculation articles, but definitely expect guild related news as we accomplish in-game objectives such as Operations.


How has the SWTOR community compared to other game communities?

It is honestly about the same as any other MMO that has a strong intellectual property behind it (i.e. WarCraft, Warhammer, etc.).  With the age of the Internet ever expanding the coverage for the game is definitely vaster than its predecessors, but the attitude of the community as a whole is about the same.


Does Infernal Empire see story playing a major role in your guild’s experience or is the guild focused on getting to endgame quickly?

The guild as a whole will not be racing to 50 just to start Operations.  Majority of the guild (including myself) wants to take advantage of the most advertised and talked about feature – the story.  We do have a one or two guild members *cough* Juggernaut *cough* that insist in every game they play to level as fast as they can because they absolutely hate the leveling experience.  However, I am hoping that with the story and morality aspects of SW:TOR it will slow them down to enjoy the game from levels 1 to 50.


What style of gameplay does Infernal Empire favor, PVP or PVE or Endgame?

We definitely favor the PvE aspect of the game whether it is running Flashpoints or Operations in all their sizes and difficulty modes.  However, we are not discounting PvP in SW:TOR as there were many of us in Warhammer that really enjoyed it and hope that SW:TOR can improve upon it to entice even more people to join in on the Republic slaughter.


Infernal Empire has been a part of the MMO community for awhile how do you think that experience will help your guild in SWTOR?

It will help tremendously.  When I started leading guilds there was no such thing as a “casual raiding guild”.  You were either both hardcore and raided or casual and piddled around in camps (Lower Guk camp check anyone?).  Majority of us in the council have been through the gamut of being the quintessential hardcore raider and then real-life taking us by the horns and dictating otherwise.  So blending the two types of game play is our specialty (if you will).  In addition to leadership, majority of our members have extensive MMO experience which make adapting to new game play relatively easy.  So helping out members who may or may not have much experience in MMO’s will make their learning curve that much easier.


You told me on a separate occasion, how your guild has a “real life” first mentality and even have plan other activities for the guild outside the game. Can you elaborate for the community?

We’ve grown to have a large portion of our guild based around Central Florida, but that definitely has not stopped guild members in other states from coming to hangout for a long weekend.  We had our first TitansFest in July 2006 where we combined three campsites at Blue Springs State Park (outside of Orlando, Florida) for a weekend of “fun in the sun” if you will.  Huge bonfire’s at night, cold spring swimming during the day mixed in with some good grilling, cold “adult” beverages and crazy stories of gaming.  We had about 25 members show up that weekend as far away as Arizona and New Hampshire.  The following year we met up again opting for a much cooler environment by renting a large house with a pool, hot tub and big-screen TV.  Went to Epcot and did beers-around-the-world, gamed at the house (brought the Wii) and partied late into the night.  The last TitansFest we had was in 2008 where we rented a house on the beach in Clearwater, Florida and played football on the beach and just had a general good time.  Don’t fret everyone – It was not a complete sausage-fest as many of the members have wives (that also play) and we do have (or had?) single ladies in the guild.  We have not had a TitansFest since due to real-life circumstances, but we definitely plan on starting them back up if the guild is interested in SW:TOR.

Building a community of real people; not avatars is truly the key to success with building a successful guild that will last through time itself.


If someone wishes the joint the Infernal Empire who should they contact, and what steps do they need to take?

For a list of the pre-requisites they can visit the How to Join page for more information.  To submit their application they can visit our website at www.infernal-empire.com, register on the forums and post their application in the Recruitment forum. They’ll also need to apply to the guild on the official SW:TOR website in the Guild Head Quarters so that they are properly placed during Early Access (if they are pre-ordered).  If they have any questions I can be reached by private message on our forums or on the official SW:TOR website under the user name Evel.


That wraps up another Guild Checkpoint for this week. Thanks again to the Infernal Empire and their leader Evel for letting us learn a little bit more about their guild and for the time. If you would like to have your guild to be highlighted on CRR, please submit your guild’s name and website in an email to me at jason@corellianrun.com.

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