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Oct 202011

HoloNet Links #16

As we get adjusted, here in the Northern Hemisphere, for colder temperatures, things in SWTOR have been heating up. New York Comic-Con produced several interesting bits of information, for a show that would not revealing really anything. We now have a Global release date, for all those in areas scheduled to get the game on this first part of launch, December 20th, 2011. We also found out that there will be 15 Flashpoints and not one, but two Operations in the game at launch! Today is also a big day, as the press embargo is being lifted, so media sources should be giving us many, many more articles about Star Wars: The Old Republic. Oh yeah, since today is the 20th of October…We only have two months till official launch! Get your /dance emote on and head to a cantina! Now, let’s get into this week’s links 🙂


More Fun & Information from SWTOR in this week’s HoloNet Links after the Jump…


Dev notes

  • Hot tidbits

 AllisonBerryman General Discussion -> Should Beta Testers be allowed to keep their Beta characters into Launch?

Hello everyone! Characters created in the Game Testing Program (any testing group) will not be carried into the live game. Characters created during Early Game Access (which you get for redeeming your Pre-Order Code on SWTOR.com) will persist when we launch. Hope this dispels any “rumor” about characters in testing carrying over to the live game.

I think most everyone assume this would be the case. I don’t know of many betas if any who have allowed testers to carry over their testing character into the live game, upon release.


AllisonBerryman General Discussion -> Does Darkside change Appearance? It’s True!

Hey everyone! We’re glad to see that you’re all so enthusiastic about dark side corruption, but wanted to clarify just a little bit about it. At this time, dark side corruption is an option that you’re able to toggle on and off yourself. We’re excited to have the feature in the game, but currently the plan is to allow you to use it if you want to.


I talk about my feelings on this subject in Georg’s Goodies, and yes, the “fanboy” go on a bit on a rant.


StephenReid General Discussion -> [VIDEO] Interview with Stephen Reid @ NY Comic Con 2011

Quote: Originally Posted by Calimwulf

Yep, this also contradicts what Zoeller was saying on class philosophy design. I wonder who was wrong, or if something has changed or was misinterpreted.

I was wrong in this instance, sorry folks! I was

As I said in another thread on the topic, I got myself mixed up – a combination of my limited experience as a tank (generally) and my time spent playing a Sith Assassin specc’ed to be an off-tank.

Again, apologies for the confusion… don’t blame Ed for the question, blame my lack of sleep. And lack of tanking.

I guess I should level a tank to 50 in live now to make up for it.


Okay folks, Stephen made a mistake. It is not a huge deal. I think because of what he said and Georg’s replies we actually learned a bit more on what is to be expected in being a tank etc. The game is meant to have really 16 classes and you need to spec according to the role of the class. Now this is not saying you cannot make a hybrid work, but it might not be very effective going multiple paths with skills points, instead of sticking to primarily one tree.


  • Georg’s Goodies

GeorgZoeller Jedi Consular -> I *Really* Hope SR Misspoke Here 🙁

All tank specs in the game are designed to function as a main tank. There are no ‘off tanks’ by design in the game, that would involve players intentionally choosing such a role by speccing hybrid.


GeorgZoeller General Discussion -> WOW! Racials Confirmed?!? (Species Bonus Discussion)

At this time, we do plan on having “racial” abilities, but they will be cosmetic in nature. Think of them as “social” abilities or actions that your character is able to do based on their species.

We wanted to give you something special for your character based on species, but we did not want it to influence your choice in the sense that you would feel “I have to be a Twi’lek Consular because they get +5 Willpower.”

So, active “racial” abilities are planned, but they won’t affect your combat gameplay in any way.

We’ll elaborate more in the future.


GeorgZoeller General Discussion -> WOW! Racials Confirmed?!? (Species Bonus Discussion)

Quote: Originally Posted by amonre

I hope this is true. BioWare has stated that they want you to select a character you can relate with. Allowing class racials in-game that enhance performance, even just 1% healing or 1% hit, is enough to really put pressure on people and takes away from that sense of “pick the race you relate with the most.”

Adding fun abilities like new dance moves, or special emotes, maybe even “Crafting” preferences to some races that would let you do certain crafts a little faster (not better, just a little faster), are fine. Adding performance enhancement is opening a can of worms. Even worse is adding combat-related class specific abilities.

Keep race selection based on aesthetics, not performance.

My team put them in, so yeah, it’s true.

We are all sick of mails touting performance enhancing products , so we wouldn’t want to put performance enhancing racial abilities in the game


Are you happy to see racial or specie specific traits used for cosmetic means or would you like them to have more impact in combat/healing etc.? Let us know your feelings in the comments below


GeorgZoeller General Discussion -> Does Darkside change Appearance? It’s True!

Like ‘Hide head slot’ or ‘Unify colors to chestpiece,’ this is a game option, on by default, which can be toggled on a per character basis.

It appears Dark side “corruption” can be toggled on and off. What? That seems crazy. I am a huge Bioware “fanboy,” but in a game where choices are suppose to matter, now you can turn off how Dark side corruption impacts your characters appearance. I would love to hear an explanation on this, besides it is a feature like a helmet you can toggle on or off.

Star Wars Community News & Events

  • Corellian Run Radio’s Weekly Nav Coordinates

This past week with New York Comic-Con and all the information given to us from Bioware, if you missed anything…Don’t worry Corellian Run Radio has you covered! Just below we have all the top stories just a click away.

10/13 NYCC Meet & Greet by Kathy

10/13 NYCC: Thursday Pics, Friday & Saturday SWTOR Events by Kathy

10/14 Global Release Date, Signs of War, and New Operations Game Systems Page by Carla

10/14 SWTOR NYCC Panel Live Twitter Update by Carla

10/14 NYCC SWTOR Panel #2: Twitter Recap by Carla

10/15 NYCC: Friday is SWTOR Panels Day by Kathy

10/16 NYCC: CRR David Bass Interview by Kathy

10/16 NYCC: CRR on TORWars by Kathy

10/17 Guild Checkpoint – Tips for choosing a guild by Jason Taylor

10/17 NYCC: Release Date, Re-Enactment by Kathy

10/18 Facebook Q&A with Daniel Erickson by Carla

10/18 NYCC: Fansite Face-Off by Kathy

10/19 Press Embargo Lifted Tomorrow! by Carla

10/20 NYCC: Photo Slideshow by Kathy

10/20 Press Embargo Lifted: Game Impressions of Early Game Experience by Kathy

10/20 CRR on Mos Eisley Radio by Kathy



  • Fan Fiction

Just a reminder there is two days left to have your fan fiction submitted for the SWTOR forums fan fiction contest. Check here for more details and be sure to read and vote for these wonderful pieces of fan fiction!


We also are going to take a look at another part from the ongoing fan fiction by Mandalorian Girl, Dantooine part 3. This part is another well written piece. Some of it might seem to use similar plot-lines, but I think there is more going in the story, that has been revealed. Here is just a small portion. I hope you will go check her site for this part and all the other ones, which have led up to this point.

“This is the girl I was telling you about. Master Lestin, meet Na’sha Tali. Na’sha, this is Jedi Master Zhar Lestin of the Enclave Council.”


The Twi’lek turned and smiled in my direction. I nodded and smiled in return. “Greetings Master. It is an honor to meet you. Thank you for seeing me.”


The Master bowed slightly. “You are most welcome, child of Mandalore.” He motioned us toward the doorway he had recently appeared from. “Please, let us step inside. It seems we have much to discuss.”


  • Facebook Image of the Week

Here we see a lone Trooper charging the Command Center in the underground area of the Gormak King’s hall.


That’s all this week from the HoloNet Links at Corellian Run Radio. Keep watching for new stories, with the press embargo lifted, right here at Corellian Run Radio. If you have an interesting, funny, or thought provoking Star Wars Old Republic link, please let me know via email at jason@corellianrun.com, join the CRR forums, or in the Facebook group. See you next week!

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