Feb 072017

Join Jason, Mox and Ravanel as they get super excited about the latest news in SWTOR. Last week, the game gained five new uprisings, master mode for the Knights expansions and super clear new target circles. But that’s not all: the devs have announced new grind reducing changes to galactic command and Rav wins the supreme tinfoil hat for predicting the bosses of the upcoming War for Iokath raid.

Count us saying super when you tune in to this week’s podcast…

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Jun 122014

War Stories banner idea2

Life seems to take strange turns, as they can cause a humble writer to be incognito for a good month. But typically when those people come back, big things come with it, and that is exactly the case for today’s War Stories entry. We’ve got not one, not two, but three sub-sections to cover today. In Stat Management, we talk about Guild RP, and Guild Events, which are the cornerstones to a successful RP guild. This should be a fun ride, so hit the jump to get the inside scoop!

RP stories, ideas and tips all after the Jump…

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Apr 102014

War Stories banner idea2

Goodness gracious, it’s been a long time since I wrote something here. Life’s been keeping me crazily busy, and it’s cut into my SWTOR time for sure (as well as a certain game involving jetpacks and mechs that came out recently), which includes the ever-dominating college, job hunt, and a couple theater gigs.

So after much debate on what to write for an article given my lack of SWTOR time lately, I’ve decided to turn toward more of my acting stints for inspiration, and sure enough, I managed to put together a Stat Management segment for all you lovely people!

Let’s hop to it!…

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Feb 112014

 Community Checkpoint title box

Highlighted Guild

  • The Jedi Order –Galactic Republic

Community Checkpoint is back! This week we look at a guild from the Ebon Hawk server, The Jedi Order. I was lucky enough to be allowed to meet with their council representative Scanter to learn more about this particular Jedi sect. This group is strictly for those pursuing the Path of the Jedi. These protectors of the Republic have formed a Jedi only guild to help in learning more about the Force, teaching and training others in the ways of the Force and to stand up against the oppression of the Sith.

Get ready as we talk to Scanter about The Jedi Order after the Jump…

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Feb 042014

War Stories banner idea2

Hey everybody! Wow, been a while since I got a post out there. College has been putting quite the hammer on my schedule, especially on my SWTOR time. However! I won’t let something as silly as “real life” get in the way of hard-hitting roleplay posts!

That said, today’s post is a Stat Management entry inspired from my participation in an audition for a series of short plays going on at my college last Friday, and that entry is on the topic of Acting.

More in this edition of War Stories after the Jump…

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