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Dec 032012

Highlighted Guild

  • Night’s Radiance – Galactic Republic

Time again to look at part of the SWTOR community, this time we look at a guild who has accomplished a huge achievement, in fact a server first. The guild, Night’s Radiance was able to take down Kephess, the final boss in the Explosive Conflict Operation. They did this in the new Nightmare mode added to this operation in the Patch 1.5 content. Taking down Kephess is an amazing accomplishment by any standard, but now take in the fact that at the time of this achievement their guild roster had only around 11 total members. This takes Yoda’s question of, “Judge me by me size do you?” to a whole new level. Let’s learn more about this small, but close knit group of gamers that enjoy gaming with a purpose, but like to enjoy having fun.

More about Night’s Radiance from their guild leader after the Jump…

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Nov 292012

HoloNet Links #74

Despite there being time off for Thanksgiving, this current week has been packed with news. From Patch 1.6 content, like new Heroic Space Missions and the new Warzone – Ancient Hypergates all being added to the PTS. Today, 11/29/2012, is BioWare’s LiveStream Event #2 at 3:00-3:30pm CST. The LiveStream Event will be all about Patch 1.6 content and also newly released Free-to-Play option in SWTOR. Be sure to check it out and also ask questions through Twitter (#SWTOR), or SWTOR’s Facebook, or through the LiveStream chat channel.

Update on New Space Missions, SWTOR Community project & more after the Jump…

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Nov 262012

Highlighted Guild

  • Order of the Red Hand – Sith Empire

We have looked many different types of guilds over the many weeks. From casual to hardcore, and the many others that fall in between. This week we get to meet the Order of the Red Hand, a role-playing guild on a PVP server. Yes, we have had other RP guilds interviewed, even those on a PVP server, but this guild is different. Not only does this guild play on the side of the Sith Empire and fight the forces of the Galactic Republic…the Order of the Red Hand also battles internally amongst separate “power bases” inside their own guild. We will learn more about this guild from their leader Demoz in our Q&A section, even a few RP tips.

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Nov 242012

Lesson 7 – The Cartel Market

Time again for another SWTOR 101 video by Gaddock Teeg. This time Gaddock is looking at the new Cartel Market. For more information on the Cartel Market, what you can buy, how to make a purchase and more check out his latest video.

More on the Cartel Market after the Jump…

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Nov 222012

HoloNet Links #73

The calendar year keeps flying by faster and faster it seems. Hard to believe this is already the third week in November. For all of you in the United States of America, we want to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving. This past week has been all about Patch 1.5 and the Free-To-Play option coming to Star Wars: The Old Republic. I have been amazed the number of people I have seen in-game. Just last night there were 5 instances of Dromund Kaas! Welcome to SWTOR to those of you returning or those playing it for their first time.

New content on PTS, fan fiction & gift ideas after the Jump…

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