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Apr 162012

Celebrate Update 1.2 with a TaunTaun Ram

Kash from Old Republic Dads & Old Republic Radio joined Deirdre and Carla to chat about Update 1.2: Legacy, Ranked Warzones, BioWare gifts of customer appreciation, and so much more.

FACT OR FICTION: Can you pick out the true fact? This week’s fact or fiction talks about Lost Island, Orobird eggs, and medpack usage in flashpoints and operations.

More Episode #54 and Comments after the jump…

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Dec 292011

HoloNet Links #26

By now many of you have been playing SWTOR and hopefully having as much fun as I have had so far. Despite a few minor issues with downtime for an extended maintenance, thus far, this has been a very smooth launch for such a huge game. Yes, there are still bugs and some issues needing to be patched, but all in all I feel it has gone well. What has your experience been like?

A reminder, CRR is having a contest! Create a character profile and you might just win a Razer peripheral. Make sure to read all the details here and get your submissions emailed by Jan 1st, 2012 at 11:59pm CST. There is only one entry per person. Lots more in today’s HoloNet Links after the Jump.

New Year’s Day Datacron Crawl, Reddit’s Q&A with Stephen Reid and much more…

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Sep 082011

HoloNet Links #10

Many of you, like me, are feeling a bit down after hearing there would be no beta testing this weekend. Honestly, when I first heard this I was looking for a ledge and realized my wheelchair and lack of elevator in the home, prevented any dramatic exit (for the record I did not attempt to look for a ledge lol) . So took a break, and had a laugh or two, getting away from SWTOR, and now back with a new take on things. Still not happy, but, remember from the start, Bioware has said it is going to make sure it works before shipping it out. Taking that knowledge the news is better hearing it now, rather than after launch.

Okay, I know a few people rolling their eyes, “Here he goes again, Mr. Bioware /Super Fanboy,”(btw Super FanBoy does have a nice ring), so let’s get into the links…I promise there is at least one thing to make you smile!

See you smiled already 🙂

More Community News and Fun in this week’s HoloNet Links…

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Jul 262011

Pre-Ordering Begins, But Not For All

Brandon and Kim from Old Republic Dads join Carla and Kathy to discuss the Comic Con reveals. Surprise pre-order announcement sends SWTOR community into a frenzy and it isn’t all good.

FACT OR FICTION: Can you pick out the confirmed fact from the tall tales? This week’s challenge concerns the legacy system, the collector’s edition, and the planet Ilum.

More Show Notes and Comments after the jump

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