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Nov 292011

by Maer
Photo-receptor Focus on: SWTOR Post Beta

So, I spent hours beta testing SWTOR with about a zillion other people this past weekend.  I had a lot of questions I needed to answer.  First and foremost, had I made the right choice to leave World of Warcraft?  I’d had some concerns about that.  I’ve been in WoW for five years, after all, but I already canceled my WoW subscription. I even ordered the SWTOR Collector’s Edition.  I’m so relieved and pleased to be able to say that  I’m so glad I did!

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Nov 082011

image via businessinsider.com

Have you checked your email or the spam folder in that email?

Bioware just sent out more beta invites today. I would be sure to over the next for days, for all those signed up for beta testing in Star Wars: The Old Republic.


More information from Official Announcement after the Jump…

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Sep 142011

UPDATE: Many Dev Tracker posts on this topic!

  • Stephen says that re-invited will join a much larger pool of new invited and new invitees may be spread over multiple weekends here.
  • He clarifies that actual invites have NOT yet been sent out, just an email to those who were originally invited that first weekend here.
  • This move to re-invite those in the first weekend is a one-time event to address invite problems and the general policy of not re-inviting weekend testers still stands. Also, weekend testing will include EU players here.
  • Those invited for Weekend Testing are still eligible for Regular Testing here.

Original post on re-inviting first round of weekend testers and Comments after the jump. Continue reading »

Sep 082011

HoloNet Links #10

Many of you, like me, are feeling a bit down after hearing there would be no beta testing this weekend. Honestly, when I first heard this I was looking for a ledge and realized my wheelchair and lack of elevator in the home, prevented any dramatic exit (for the record I did not attempt to look for a ledge lol) . So took a break, and had a laugh or two, getting away from SWTOR, and now back with a new take on things. Still not happy, but, remember from the start, Bioware has said it is going to make sure it works before shipping it out. Taking that knowledge the news is better hearing it now, rather than after launch.

Okay, I know a few people rolling their eyes, “Here he goes again, Mr. Bioware /Super Fanboy,”(btw Super FanBoy does have a nice ring), so let’s get into the links…I promise there is at least one thing to make you smile!

See you smiled already 🙂

More Community News and Fun in this week’s HoloNet Links…

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Jul 212011

Collector's Edition Boxed Set

A sound that can be heard around the gaming world: pre-ordering starts, Ray Muzyka talks release window, beta testing weekends in September. Most importantly, pre-ordering will get you early game access.  How early? That depends on when you pre-order — first come, first served.  Don’t delay!

Pre-order info, narrowing release window, beta testing weekends after the jump Continue reading »

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