Nov 202015


HoloNet Links #219

new Rakghoul event2Emerging out of the Rakghoul tunnels and shaking off the remnants of the plague. How was your experience with the recent outbreak? Did many of you acquire the companion connected with the Rakghouls? I am liking the interaction meeting companions throughout the galaxy. Some of the gathering quests seem a bit overdone. I would like more quests tailored to the companions and having them help on the missions. What are your thoughts on the companion quests through the Alliance?

Time to make the Jump…

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Nov 132015

HoloNet Links title 

HoloNet Links #218

First off, I want to take a moment and thank all those who participated and donated during the Extra Life day event. It is pretty amazing how much a few gamers and charitable people can do for kids. If any of you did not get the chance to donate there is still plenty of time to do so. Click on the link and donate to help. Oh and of course the Rakghoul event is currently going on ingame. It is the same event on Alderaan, but it is geared for 65 and a bit more challenging on the Eyeless fight. There is also the one quest chain associated with a companion for the Alliance.

Rakghoul vaccine activated, ready for the Jump…

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Nov 062015


HoloNet Links #217

While writing this week’s article, I’m trying to get things organized for the Extra Life event this Saturday, November 7th. Getting my computer all cleaned up and ready to go; plus of course there must be snacks, so I’m getting those lined up…healthy snacks, well mostly healthy lol. I will be taking part in my first Extra Life event and will be playing SWTOR. The event is all about helping raise money to benefit kids. One thing our guild has planned for the event is the “Level as Musco” contest. I’m excited about the event. What a great way to help kids?

*Be aware that there are issues with the instant level 60 tokens. Read below for details*

Information about my Extra Life Day plans & more after the Jump…

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Nov 032015

Join Jason and Heather as they share their experiences in SWTOR. This episode they discuss what they have been up to in SWTOR. The expansion is starting on its third week since Early Access. Heather and Jason take time this episode to talk about their first cups of “KotFE.” They also discuss plenty of SWTOR community items later in the show. Plus, there is a new contest happening here at Corellian Run Radio. Listen in for more details on how you can possibly win!

Let’s get into this week’s podcast…

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Oct 302015


HoloNet Links #216

Knights of the Fallen Empire expansion is now live for everyone as of this past Tuesday, October 27th. This was the second week for me being in the expansion. How was it for you? What did you think of the story? I enjoyed my second and starting of my third playthrough of the new story. As much as I love the story this expansion has a lot more to offer.

Server capacity increased & other news after the Jump…

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